Connecting with Tahi

April 30, 2021

Connecting with Tahi

This fortnight on the journal, we spoke with co-founder Jackie of tahi skincare about the intentions and production of their multi functional oils. Made by hand, in small batches, right here in Whangarei, tahi come from a place of aroha, connection and care, celebrating a new kind of business model that puts people and the planet first.  

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your offering?

Hello, I’m Jackie. I'm a Mama, a partner and one of the owners of tahi skincare. We offer high quality, natural and multi-functional skincare that everyone can use and benefit from. I hand-make each of our products from home, with aroha, in small batches. 

Your skincare brand tahi places emphasis on your connection to nature and intentions to bring others back to this way of being, can you expand on this?

 Yes, I feel like I am currently rediscovering just how important this is. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by ideals, by where we think we should be. Owning a business and trying to “keep up” can be really challenging, especially when we do not practice what we know will ultimately help us feel balanced. No one can deny that being in nature helps us in this regard.

When we started tahi I had experienced a significant shift in my way of thinking and how I perceived the world. A lot of this change came from rediscovering my love and connection to nature, through my naturopathy studies, my own experiences and through aligning with my partner Nate and our friend Laine who are both Māori and grew up with a deep understanding of how important our connection to nature is. Nate and I moved out of the city and into the Waitakere Ranges and I started to get out into the bush almost every day which really helped with my overall wellbeing.

I believe that if we spend time connecting with nature and connecting with ourselves, we can then connect more deeply with one another, and live more harmoniously.


"It is so easy to get overwhelmed by ideals, by where we think we should be."


Your Māori heritage is a core ideology within your brand, in what ways does this tie into your practices?

Our own individual journeys towards reconnecting with ourselves and our roots is what ties into our practices. I did not grow up in a Māori community, but Nate and Laine did, and I’ve learnt so much from them. It is important to me to learn about the plants that are native to this land, to spend time with them, learn how they have been traditionally used, how to respect them and how to work with them in a way that is helpful to people and the wider environment.  I am also learning Te Reo by using the language everyday as a business and as a whānau.

How does making each tahi blend by hand with conscious intention and energy, positively impact the environment and consumer using the product? 

This is really important to me; I don’t make any products if I can’t shake off negative energies I may be feeling. I think this positively impacts the environment because it is purposeful and slow paced, it is an understanding that how we feel affects everything and our perception affects everything. I believe this impact can be felt by our customers, that they feel the aroha that our oils were made with and then they can share that with their whānau through touch, care and connection.


"I believe that if we spend time connecting with nature and connecting with ourselves, we can then connect more deeply with one another, and live more harmoniously."


You have a strong emphasis on sustainability in materials, can you explain this process?

We try to be conscious about what is necessary and what is not. For example, sustainability is one of the reasons we mostly use plants that grow here in Aotearoa. I am also trying my best to work with suppliers that are conscious of their own responsibility to be sustainable. It is particularly challenging in some respects but really simple in others. As always, a work in progress.

 Why is this important to you?

I believe in karma, not only for myself but for the whole universe.

How does family and community play into your business model?

Oh, this is everything! We could not have achieved what we have achieved without our family and community, some of which have stepped into our lives only for a moment but made a world of difference and others that have been by our sides since the beginning.

What does a better world mean to you?

I feel like a could write a novel about this but a better world to me is a more empathetic world. I know that I can not expect anyone to be more empathetic until I am, so I will start and end by working on myself.

 How can we find your products?

You can find our products via our website or stockists, as listed on our website, where you can try before you buy too. 







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