Poetry with Jessica Urlichs

November 29, 2020

Poetry with Jessica Urlichs

New Zealand author and poet Jessica Urlichs joins us this fortnight with a piece from her new book All I See Is You. Following on from the success of her first book From One Mom To A Mother, Jessica has created a beautiful, frank and endearing account of motherhood through poetry and prose and in doing so, founded a wonderful community for like minded Mama's to turn to. 
Relatable, honest and often joy filled Jessica's work will warm you to your core and if you're a parent yourself, have you reaching for the tissues. 
These days a bed with us both
 doesn’t need a baby between
For us to be separate
or feel unseen.
A thought of you is quickly replaced
About them, or the chores 
Or shrugging off your embrace.
Never far from apart 
As you pull me in close 
A beautiful battle 
of who needs me the most.
My energy drained bit by bit
My arms pulled to elastic 
My hair fraying like a ragdoll
What to do with your compliments 
When my reflection’s so fragile.
It’s not your fault
You see me the same
Mum, Mummy, babe, Mummy, Honey
I’ve forgotten my name.
My heart is so full yet it’s still healing 
I open my mouth and speak 
words with no feeling.
We talk when it’s dark and all is done 
Once the trials from the day
are razor sharp on my tongue.
And to extend further warmth
just feels like a chore
There’s no pictures of just us
on my phone anymore
And it’s not that I don’t love you, I do,
more than ever. 
It’s the ships we’ve become,
drifting off in the weather.
And I long to fall into those arms
so much
But I don’t quite know what to do
with your touch.
I know beautiful and ragged
become one in the same 
when we speak of mothers, 
when we speak of this change.
It shouldn’t be such an effort should it?
To be a mother a wife a lover 
and everything I was before and after. 
I love how you try,
with all of your strength
To break down my walls,
while my arm holds our length.
It’s all I imagined, 
bum pats over dishes 
While our babes are tucked up, 
it’s not perfect, yet it is.
I watched you with the kids the other night
It felt warm in my chest, everything felt right.
I smiled.
Tell him
Tell Him.
You looked up
And I swallowed.
“Are you taking out the bins?”
- Jessica Urlichs 
To read more of Jessica's work head over to her socials here or purchase a copy of her beautiful books here

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