Moon Mama

A conscious collective for baby and mama.

Moon Mama is a collective online space for conscious mothers and their babes. A place for sharing, support, education and wellbeing. Like the phases of the Moon, our Mamas and babies are in a perpetual cycle of different phases which can make life a little hectic at times. Here at Moon Mama, we endeavor to help you raise your little ones in a better, healthier, kinder and more connected world through our platforms below.

Our online directory Friends of Moon Mama is filled with conscious brands and holistic services for Mother and Baby from skincare, clothing and grocery to bassinets, carriers, toys and wellness specialists. We live in a world with an immense abundance of options, it can often be daunting to know which might be best for our little ones, our home and our planet. Friends of Moon Mama cuts out the leg work showcasing only high quality, beautiful, conscious businesses that we can all trust.

Our fortnightly Journal works to support, educate, inspire and empower beautiful Mama’s on their journey on everything Mum life; from fertility and conception right up until schooling or not. Here we get real, speaking candidly about loss, expectations, fears, struggles, triumphs and juggling a career and speak with leading holistic health care professionals such as lactation and sleep consultants, acupuncture and chiropractor practitioners, nutritionist and naturopaths, hormone health specialists and midwives. We’ll cover everything from breast feeding, and baby led weaning, recipes, sleep (or the lack of), pelvic floor, sex and intimacy, travelling with your little ones and more.

Like many new business ventures, Moon Mama was born from a place of experience, or rather the lack of.

As a first time Mama, founder Monique Hemmingson, spent the last few years writing her book Wild Kinship, Conversations with Conscious Entrepreneurs after the sale of her wholefoods cafe.

Having been completely emerged into the world of ethical minded business models, creative entrepreneurs and working to uncover an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, life as a new Mother felt like a foreign place, a world away. With unrealistic expectations, exhausting pressures, a million questions and so much waste she found herself feeling lost and overcome with sleep deprivation. So she decided to tap into her past life where her days were spent sipping tea with conscious business extraordinaries’ and running a small business and formulated a plan.

Through this platform she hopes to create an inspiring community and conscious collective so mothers can feel supported, connected and educated in their journey, so that together we can work to create a better world for our little ones to thrive in.